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This Decade

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There’s a noise above the bees & the birds and beyond the traffic in the distance And a movement in those stationary trees It seems the calm we sense is false the balance of life merely the result of equal tensions -       balancing each other like the stationary middle of the rope in a Tug-of War For emissions are still rising in the US & here and the growing numbers in China & India seeking the western lifestyle will demand it by market forces or force itself & they are nuclear armed And kindness is not the norm in Chinese thinking is there a Hindu ‘Good Samaritan’? And the hope that humanity will share this round blue jewel equally is not...

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Home – Its Worth Watching

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We are tightening ‘our’ climate belt as much as we can and being involved with the Greens party and having and 8.5* house & Margi’s electric car… but its not enough is it?! “If its just 10 years we have to change the world to solar ( & wind & water currents & geothermal ) – then at least we know what to do. From insulating our houses to electric cars – Kangaroo rather than beef etc etc. If we all pull our individual weight – it will happen. Watch the below to get a measure of the problem: Click here

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