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SolarWater – separates fresh water from sea or dirty water, using the power of the sun

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Above is the trial unit. SolarWater is a low temperature thermal still. It buy cheap cialis takes in cold brine or dirty water & with sunshine makes cold fresh drinking water & cold saltier or dirtier water. 1. SolarWater units use the sun to separate fresh water from brine or polluted water leaving a stream of saltier or more polluted water. 2. A solar powered pump pumps the brine/polluted water from the sump slowly round coils of clear plastic tube in the heater/ sterilisers. The sun’s UV kills the bacteria in the water and raises its temperature to the 40C needed by the still. 3. The still is completely made of blocks of...

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Plus & Minus

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Natcore Technologies Inc have developed ‘Absolute black’ – a solar cell which has an efficiency of 99.7% – 3.7% higher than the previous best – but more importantly with a production cost of half previous cells. Such cells will be more than a match f cheap viagra online or hydrocarbons and will gradually replace them where they can. The introduction of compressed air cars in India soon will be an alternative to electric cars, without heavy expensive limited life batteries. And with air cylinders that will be as good in 10 years as day 1 – for which their air can be compressed by solar powered compressors. By the end of the year 850M...

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