The Race is on

Posted by on Feb 3, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

In the black
that wise old horse
‘World temperature rise’
accelerating now
a gain to +.99C last year
.87C the year before
.74C the year before that
and .65C the year before that

Not spent & running freely
no end in sight

And in the Green
‘The Renewables Filly’
young yet
but accelerating fast
up a third over the last 5 years
from a slow start

Computers were from the same stable
And grew 36% a year
And soon swamped the market

Either could still yet win the race
And dominate the world

And the race organisers could fix the outcome
but either are not watching
or counting their winnings

Will there be a paddock for them to retire to
at the end?

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